How To Get Backlinks: 9 Most Effective Strategies

Backlink is a a “vote” in the eyes of search engines coming from another website to yours. Link-building is concerned with increasing the number of quality links coming to a website. Building backlinks is one of the most effective methods of augmenting a website’s search engine ranking. Everyone requires backlinks to strengthen the authority of…

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PBNs in 2020+ … a really bad idea?!

Making money on the internet isn’t that hard. Or rather, the actual work is difficult but the concept isn’t that hard to understand. The objective is to create a website that ranks well in Google’s algorithm. The better the rank, the more traffic the website will attract, the more money you will make. The equation…

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various pbn hosting solutions

PBN Hosting – How To Do It Properly

A Private Blog Network is a series of authoritative websites operating within a network. People create PBNs because they want the websites within that network to link back to their money websites. Money websites are domains that you rank with the hope that they will generate some sort of profit. There are ways to create…

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Diggity Links Review

It’s time for a competitor review. Backlinks are the backbone of SEO. Some people will attempt to deny that claim but it is true. And because backlinks are so important, Public Blog Networks have grown in popularity. A PBN is, as its name suggests, a network of authoritative websites. People use PBNs to build links…

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Easy Blog Networks Review

Have you struggled with hosting multiple websites? Do you dream of creating a seamless private blog network? Then you’ve probably heard about Easy Blog Networks (EBN). What is Easy Blog Networks? When it comes to hosting PBN’s (Private Blog Networks), EBN is the first specialized solution. However, EBN does not host multiple blogs internally. They…

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wait what

How to have power & control of a PBN… without PBN. [CASE STUDY]

Yes, you read that right. Let me explain… This case study revolves around the power of internal linking, site structure & silos. We are going to use power of an entire website to push one primary page in the SERPs. I call this… Page Supreme. (yes, I recently watched Star Wars) It might suitable strategy…

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dont fear non relevance

Don’t Fear Non-Relevance

Don’t Fear Non-Relevance When people talk about rankings and building links in general, sooner or later they will mention relevance. I can imagine different people would have different explanation on what relevance actually is but here’s my definition when it comes to linkbuilding relevance:

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