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Bulk Buy Hosting Review

A Private Blog Network (PBN) is a set of connections, a network of high-authority sites which are used to build-up links on your money website giving it greater ranking power in search engines. A money website is the site you plan on building up for ranking, specifically the one that essentially earns money. This could denote to clients website as well. It’s particularly solid since you have control and management over its content, and consequently when and how links are presented.

PBNs need to be hosted and there are a number of web hosting types available in the market. From shared, dedicated or Virtual Private Server, cloud base to managed hosting, any of these hosting types could be utilized for any PBN.

Bulk Buy Hosting

Bulk Buy Hosting – What is it?

Before we go into what Bulk Buy Hosting is, let’s have a quick overview of what PBN Hosting is. PBN Hosting provides the flexibility you need, hosts your preferred Content Management System (CMS) with several providers of high-quality hosting and manages the whole lot from a single panel without leaving any server-side footprint. CMSs are software applications that could be utilized to manage both the creation as well as the revision of digital content. Usually, they are utilized for enterprise and web content management.

A Quick Look

Getting ahead of every managerial task and responsibility that you have as you deal with diverse hosting accounts could prove to be challenging and demanding. Bulk Buy Hosting, a comprehensive platform catering to your managerial needs, permits you to gain access to all of your hosting accounts on a single dashboard. They make use of a vast pool of hosting firms providing them reseller accounts that are used to host the PBNs of clients, meaning every website that you have will be hosted in various data centers with their unique individual IP addresses.

Why Consider Bulk Buy Hosting?Why Consider Bulk Buy Hosting?

For such wonderful reasons, Bulk Buy Hosting is one of the most broadly mentioned and suggested providers of PBN hosting. If you are searching for a trouble-free way to bulk host on a gamut of diverse providers then this is advantageously the most fitting option because of its ease of use and carries out just about everything you require to manage your PBN. The distribution of IP address and Name Server is rather impressive.

Additionally, with Bulk Buy Hosting, you could settle your monthly hosting bills all at once and have a single point of communication between you and every hosting company that you make use of. By gaining access to your hosting accounts using their unique dashboard, you simplify, make more efficient and centralize hosting management.

Bulk Buy Hosting offers PBNs a hosting solution that is reliable, within your means and safe, with zero footprints, giving you the possibility to effectually manage as well as grow your PBN successfully.

Pricing Plans

In terms of pricing, Bulk Buy Hosting has a range of hosting plans to select from giving you that flexibility to upgrade or downgrade to another plan depending on your needs and growth of your company.

  • Their hosting plan begins at $27/month ($2.70/site) which hosts 10 domains
  • A 25 domain hosting costs $52/month ($2.08/site)
  • $93/month ($1.86/site) for 50 domains
  • A 100 domain hosting costs $183/month ($1.83/site)

They also offer a Trial hosting plan for 5 domains which costs $5 ($1/site) for the first month. When compared to other competitors, their pricing plan options are one of the cheapest whilst providing similar level (or even better) quality of service.

Other Notable Features

Apart from the above mentioned, Bulk Buy Hosting has other numerous features which places them a step ahead of its competitors. Below are two notable features.

  • A Built-in PBN Site Builder

It is incorporated into their dashboard. With a simple click, you could instantly order for one of your PBNs a website design builds ($35/site) which includes a few options, like high-quality themes, plugins, stock images and videos, well-made logos, customized handwritten content and your preference of CMS.

  • Free PBN Site Migration

They also provide free PBN site migrations, which is the most difficult part when moving your PBNs. With Bulk Buy Hosting, they would handle the move for you and you’ll surely save the supposed amount of money and time you’d spend to move your website yourself.

In Conclusion

In general, as the platform includes pretty much everything you necessitate to swiftly grow your PBN websites, Bulk Buy Hosting is an exceedingly solid and reliable hosting solution for a sizable quantity of PBN sites without any footprints. With the features they offer, and reasonable pricing plans, not to mention their outstanding support team, you’ll surely find Bulk Buy Hosting a worthwhile investment.

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