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How can Domains Highway rev up your website authority?

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Websites gain higher rankings on SERP when the domain exhibits authoritativeness and has a good amount of backlinks pointing to it. Website ranking tools were made following search engine algorithms and metrics are were set for webmasters to track how their site ranks.

Domain Rating (DR) and Domain Authority (DA)

Domain Rating is a metric owned by Ahrefs which is a measurement of how many backlinks are pointing to yours in comparison to other websites on the same keyword spectrum. It doesn’tmnatter whether you buy backlinks or got them legitimately.

Domain Authority, on the other hand, is a metric made by Moz, that lies on several factors. This metric is measure by the number of external pages of a domain has, the quality of its content, its correlation to other trusted sites and social signals to name just a few.

These metrics are really important when you are opting to go for PBN Link building.

PBN Link building

Private Blog Networks are clusters of domains owned by a single agency or individual with the sole purpose of building links to support the ranking of the main money site, which is your main website. Usually, domains clustered into a single PBN are of old origin, some were already defunct and was bought and refurbished to serve this sole purpose. Some got defunct for reasons of maybe violating search engine fair use regulations, or it’s just the former owner did not renew for the domain name.

Meaning, these old domains somehow, have records on website ranking tools since the pages on old domains have generated traffic when they were first used. This also equates that these old domains have their respective DR/DA scores before, one reason, why these old domains were bought and repurposed for PBN link building.

Whilst usage of PBN is associated with black hat SEO techniques and is considered an unethical way of ramping up your site ranks, there are good ways of utilizing a private blog network system.

Domains Highways: Their Services at Bay

Many PBN link building services around the globe promises the same results for your website ranking. One of them is Domains Highway. What could this service provider do to increase the traffic on your website through the highway they are offering?

Permanent Blog Posts

Domains Highway offers permanent blog posts that are decently handwritten articles of around 300 words or so. The spectrum of niches is wide only excluding pharmacy, adult, gambling, and payday, which is usually heavily spammed. It is also their promise that the client will get one link per post, which is very safe since it avoids being spammy on the algorithms.

While anchor texts are not limited, they suggest a set of 20 anchor text of your preference which gives you a custom feels when going for their services. The domains are also aged domains from auctions with the oldest at 20 years already.

Guest Post

Another service they’re offering is creating guest posts to a 3rd-party blog where one link pointing to you is included adding to your unique backlink, increasing your DR/DA.

Link Edit

They also offer link editing for your website, analyzing best links for your next posts or page relative to the anchor text you prefer.

Google My Business (GMB) Verification

Best for business owners, you can make your business store go always at the top of Maps and other location apps through this GMB Verification service they offer. This involves writing recommendations, giving a rating to your business and this is GEO targeted which is less prone to prying eyes of inspectors.

Our Take

Domain Highway services, although utilizing PBN which is a blackhat practice, has delivered results to many clients without earning the penalty for their sites. They see to it that the use of PBN is intricately done to avoid getting tagged as blackhat SEOs and suffer consequences. If you’re up to the risk for a high reward, check out their services offered!

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