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Easy Blog Networks Review

Have you struggled with hosting multiple websites?

Do you dream of creating a seamless private blog network?

Then you’ve probably heard about Easy Blog Networks (EBN).

What is Easy Blog Networks?

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When it comes to hosting PBN’s (Private Blog Networks), EBN is the first specialized solution. However, EBN does not host multiple blogs internally. They instead deploy WordPress blogs to various providers and automate maintenance.

So who are some of EBN’s providers? They include the internet’s biggest names. Providers like Amazon, SoftLayer (IBM), Digital Ocean, Rackspace, and many others.

Currently, EBN has over 100 data centres, and about 500 unique IPs.

Features of Easy Blog Network

According to EBN’s developers, the hosting solution was designed to alleviate common difficulties and issues faced by PBN webmasters. They include day-to-day maintenance tasks, essential stats and metrics at a glance, protection against Google di-indexing. Here’re are some of the features at EBN:

Simple Dashboard

EBN’s dashboard is one of the easiest to use. It is minimal and straightforward. And it displays every useful info you’ll need including your blog’s SEO metrics and indexation status.

Blog Health

EBN designed this feature to deal with deindexing. It’s actually an action box that directs you on how to lower your probability of deindexing. This feature emanates from everything learned by EBN after analyzing deindexed blogs.


The Mailbox automates the creation of infoatadomain.com email mailboxes. This feature makes adding unique domain emails seamless. Also, Mailbox allows you to read emails in each of your blog’s tool section.

Other unique EBN features are:

  • Random WordPress Installation- you merely click dd Blog.’
  • Automatic updates of themes, plugins, and WordPress
  • Daily blog backups
  • Performance and security setup- quick fixing of any mishaps
  • Automatic nameserver configuration- you will no longer require to visit any registrar
  • Details of Providers and IPs when your blogs get deployed- EBN doesn’t hide anything.
  • SEO Metrics and Indexation check- gives you an excellent overview of your blogs.
  • Seamless HTTPS support- 24/ 7 support.
  • Free transfer from your existing providers.

How Secure and Transparent is Easy Blog Networks?

In addition to having no footprints, EBN undergoes a regular audit for security vulnerabilities and print impressions. EBN also supports SSL as well as HTTPS- the internet’s most advanced security features.

On the other hand, EBN ensures transparency by indicating the hosting company’s IP address for your blog network. Also, it offers different IP addresses and shows the hosting provider’s details. You can also easily access info about DNS providers, plus IP, on the panel.

Is EBN Safe for Blogs?

According to several studies conducted by third parties, EBL had a lower di-indexing rate when compared with other competitors. One of the third parties, PBX Fox, set up and tracked the deindexation rate of 6000 blogs. The findings showed that EBN’s deindexation rate and that of premium cPanel hosts are on per.

Another third party, Charles Forte, analyzed different PBN hosts and realized that EBN had the lowest deindexation rate.

How Much Does EBN Cost?

Before using EBN, you must first find and purchase your private blog network’s domain. It’s imperative to land a high-quality domain that will serve you well. Therefore, it should have top metrics in domain authority, page authority, and trust flow.

The most recommendable domains are PBN HQ and Hammerhead Domains.

After finding a suitable domain name, you then register it with a registrar Name, Godaddy, or NameCheap. Use different registers to cover your footprints. And now you can head on to use EBN.

At EBN, you can sign up for a couple of plans:

  • Mini – Allows you to host ten blogs and comes with autopilot maintenance, free blog import and daily backups. It costs $35 per month.
  • Blogger – You can host a total of 15 blogs, and it also comes with free blog import, daily backups, and autopilot maintenance. The Blogger goes for $49 per month, and it’s the most popular plan at EBN.
  • Webmaster – Up to 40 blogs, plus all similar features like the blogger and mini. The Webmaster will cost you $99 per month.
  • Agency – It’s one for the big leagues and allows you to cost up to 100 blogs. Further, the Agency has all other three features as the other plans. It sells at $199 per month.

Which package is recommended?

The Webmaster is arguably the most economical considering it offers a price of $ 2.48 per blog per month. The mini looks cheap, but it costs $ 3. 50 per month. Mind you, some companies charge up to $ 24. 95 for a 99 blog reseller.

But all things considered, choose the package that fits your budget.

All plans come with a 7 day trial for $7. It’s worth noting that as of September 1st the plan prices increased by about 20%. The Mini plan that was costing $29 is now $35.

Easy Blog Network Pros

I. PBN Blog Management in One Place

Not long ago, you were forced to keep your all your blog’s info, including the login username plus password on a spreadsheet.


You couldn’t trust that Chrome’s password manager will prevent Google from finding out about your PBN. And if you’re like most people, you copy-pasted the creds every time you logged into a blog. Luckily, companies like EBN now allow you to access your blogs in one place.

Also, to log in is quite seamless thanks to the internal storage of creds in EBN’s systems.

II. Useful SEO metrics and time-saving tools

EBN’s system consists of useful built-in tools that save you time when managing your PBN. For example the blog health, grouping by blog niches, and convenient WP login. Additionally, Easy Blog Network comes with auto-updated SEO metrics that enable you to keep tabs on your PBN performance.

The SEO metrics include:

  • DA (Moz)
  • Majestic info: CF,TF, referring IPs, external backlinks
  • Number of posts, comments, pages, each blog has
  • The number of URLs and redirected URLs that give 404

III. One Email for All Blogs

It’s another EBN feature that goes a long way in saving your mental sanity, plus time. You’re able to view all emails sent to your blog’s (via valid addresses) in one place. Which means that you don’t have to login into dozens of emails only to find its all spam.

IV. Easy Blog Setup

EBN makes setting up a blog quite painless. It is a step by step process that’s very easy to understand. Also, all blogs come optimized to:

  • Plugins and WordPress by one click
  • WP themes
  • Auto-generated admin password and username
  • Unique blog settings

V. Economical

Nowadays, most of the things on the internet are quite pricey because of the competitive modern scene. Still, EBN is quite economical for the average PBN developer. Trust, it’s an excellent option if you’re looking for affordable flawless hosting.


All in all, EBN has excellent customer support that includes emails and Live Chat. Plus they manage a sweet blog that can keep you updated on the latest about PBN vs Google. It’s a great place to get insights about the newest SEO trends.

Cons of Easy Blog Network

I. You Can’t Host Blogs that Aren’t Live.

One downside of EBN removes from their system all blogs that go offline or gets deindexed. Nonetheless, you will receive an email notification before your account gets purged. If you don’t renew your domain after it expires, just download the blog’s files and DB before purging.

II. Expensive for mini-PBNs

Since you can’t host less than 10 blogs, the cost of $35 per month is a bit on the hire for one or two blogs.

III. WordPress Only

The builders of EBN optimized it for painless hosting, securing, and simplicity, to host WordPress only. Because it’s the most popular platform. As much as this might be a limitation, WordPress is an excellent platform for anyone with limited technical knowledge.

IV. Limited Hosting Topics

EBN tries its best to stay away from controversies. With that in mind, they do not host illegal topics, adult content, hate speech, etc. It’s quite sensible because some people would hesitate to use something inappropriate to drive traffic to a blog.

V. Limitation on IP Selection

EBN will only allow you to purchase no more than 50 unique IPs. Additionally, all the IPS get sourced from reputable servers in Canada, US, Australia, UK. This limits customers who may require more IPS and those who prefer servers from other places.

The Verdict

Easy Blog Network checks off all boxes if you’re looking to host multiple websites. It offers an automated, safe, and easy-to-use solution for PBN hosting. It’s not a surprise that EBN has already become an industry leader after launching in 2014.

EBN remains a perfect platform for private blog networks. And it is affordable too. You only need $35 to get started, which also includes a 7-day trial. EBN also offers free data migration, auto content module, and a top-shelf managed dashboard at an extra cost of only $10.

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