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When it comes to hosting PBN sites altogether, one major problem is having to find separate hosting for each one of them. This could actually necessitate much of your valuable time as well as cost a great deal of money. If you want to save money and time for more significant tasks and are looking for a trouble-free solution, consider Launchcdn.

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What is LaunchCDN?

Labeled as “PBN Hosting Made Simple”, LaunchCDN makes use of the most popular providers of Content Delivery Networks (CDN) to host websites on geographically varied IPs. This means that your PBN sites are hosted together with other sites of various sizes. As these CDNs host the majority of websites across the globe, your PBN won’t be flagged and identified as being on a host that is suspicious.

LaunchCDN provides a complete bundle, offering the top PBN Hosting with professional PBN site builds as well as Done-For-You bundles at a price that’s within your means. It is the simplest PBN Hosting service that lets you host on WordPress as well as Static HTML sites.

website hostingPlatform Features

LaunchCDN incorporates features that other hosting providers don’t which makes it an excellent all-in-one deal. Therefore, making use of multiple services to build as well as maintain your PBNs isn’t needed.

  1. PBN Website Builder

One of the major features of LaunchCDN is its built-in PBN Website Builder. Starting at $35, you could order a complete and impressive website build for your PBN site through your dashboard. They utilize archive contents that have been taken up a notch with unique supplementary contents to effectively and perfectly fuse the old and new website designs.

  1. Select Your Preferred CDNs

To deliver your websites across the globe, LaunchCDN make use of numerous popular CDN providers such as Amazon CloudFront, StackPath as well as Cloudflare to name a few. Thousands of huge websites are on these CDNs. Now, your PBN sites could be on it too.

  1. Zero Server Footprints

To ensure that every footprint from their hosting arrangement is removed, LaunchCDN have performed extensive and careful steps to make it possible, from utilizing Name Servers that are unique, IP addresses from Popular CDNs, SOA Records to setting up MX records for popular service providers on each domain.

  1. Host Static HTML or WordPress Sites

Created to make hosting easy for WordPress blogs, LaunchCDN have made it possible for you to securely access your WordPress Admin panel with a single click from their Dashboard. Otherwise, you could opt to host static HTML websites and obtain FTP access.

  1. Free Email Forwarding Set-up

Another feature that LaunchCDN provide their users for free is setting up an email forwarding address for each hosted domain. But users also have the choice to fix the MX records for other mail hosting services like Zoho, FastMail, Yandex, and more.

  1. SSL Certificates

For WordPress sites to be secured, several CDN providers that have teamed up with LaunchCDN offer SSL Certificates for free. When blogs are to be deployed, simply select the option with “https” and LaunchCDN will make certain your website is set with an SSL Certificate from Let’s Encrypt or Cloudflare for free.

Pricing Plan

LaunchCDN offers reasonably priced hosting plans. Each pricing plan, whether a 10-domain plan or a 1000-domain plan, goes together with a money-back guarantee of 30 days. Below are their featured pricing plans that you will surely find affordable.

  • 5 Domain Trial – $5 for the first month
  • 10 Domains – $27/month ($2.70/site monthly)
  • 20 Domains – $45/month ($2.25/site monthly)
  • 40 Domains – $80/month ($2.00/site monthly)
  • 100 Domains – $190/month ($1.90/site monthly)
  • 200 Domains – $359/month ($1.79/site monthly)
  • 400 Domains – $688/month ($1.72/site monthly)
  • 1000 Domains – $1699/month ($1.69/site monthly)

Final Point

LaunchCDN has the whole package, all that you require in a hosting platform. It is quite simple and easy to navigate and use, hence is excellent for anyone wanting to build a network of any size. There is a downside though. CDNs could have sudden and prolonged downtimes or outages. However, with LaunchCDN, you could decide which CDNs to set up or deploy on. Moreover, clients could very much depend on their support team as they deliver outstanding service and would gladly transfer your websites if you are encountering issues with a certain CDN. With LaunchCDN, your PBNs are definitely in safe and capable hands so you could simply sit back, relax and watch your PBNs thrive.

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