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What Are Guest Posts?

Guest post is a pice of content that you post in your name on someone else website.

You are a guest writer or author on their website, hance the name guest post.

What our service T-POST provides is backlinks from such post, posted by multiple author all across the web.

You don't have to lift a finger it's all done for you.

Guest Posting and it's impact on website linkbuilding

The web is an agora of information where there are almost 2 million articles are being published daily. With this tsunami of sites you are to compete with, how could your website be on top of the search engine results page? Today we are to look closer on how Guest Posting and Manual Outreach can help on building website that is always on the top list.

Website Essentials: Link Building

The Internet has always meant to interconnect everyone in the globe where the sharing of information can be done with ease. We all know that everyone that uses search engines is looking for something whether instructions on doing things, review on certain items one wants to buy, or just any random thing they wanna search for. As a webmaster, you know that for the niche that your websites fall into, the competition is very high and it's always the target to be on the first page of the SERP, particularly on the top three spots.

Hitting the top spot requires boosting website ranking through different SEO techniques which usually are done in combinations of a lot of the said methods. With the world leaning more towards digitization, the necessity for digital marketing solutions had risen making this business gain commercial breakthrough both for the digital marketing firms and the clients they render service too.

As webmasters, brand owners or, even for hobbyists, we need to understand how does a search engine works for us to fully grasp these SEO techniques and its benefits.

Understanding Search Engine Algorithm

Search engines have algorithms that are intelligent programs, powerful enough to deliver results in a matter of milliseconds. This program gathers all information that is available on the web such as millions of keywords being queried, where every search happens, what pages or sites are usually clicked relative to the search query, how many sites forward links to the most clicked site, and so much more!

Aside from that, the search engine algorithms also check for redundant contents, sites that are spam, or have illegal content. All these are being done by spiders, robots that crawl across the whole web, the reason why search engines can provide as the best answer to our queries, most of the time.

Website Link Building

One of the key factors that we are looking closer to is link building. This is the process of building strong links for your website to be connected with to increase its website rankings. Just like being the well-known person on your street on a specific niche, search engine algorithms show the most linked sites on the first page of the SERP. Why? Because everyone is pointing to that site to provide the best answer on a search query.

Link building can be done by a lot of ways such as guest posting, Manual outreach, link farm building, and link buying to name a few.

Guest Posting 101

As stated above, guest posting is one of the prominent methods to establish a good foundation for your link building process.

Since everyone in the web aims for the same goal, it also pays off if everyone is lending a helping hand to one another. You, as a webmaster or content manager, can invite guest writers to write an article for your website in exchange for providing a link on one of your prime pages or sites that points to their site, thus boosting their domain authority. This can be done vise versa.

You can also write articles for another website in exchange for a premium link that points back to your website or one of your pages or deliberately placing a backlink to your site, thus, increasing your domain authority as well.

Understanding guest posting, you can imagine how great is the impact of this method is being done through many different domains. It's a win-win scenario for every site owner.

Manual Outreach 101

Another method that is being employed by webmasters is manual outreach. This is contacting websites with the intent of getting links from their pages that has high traffic that will point back to your site. However, this doesn't just simply go about contacting whoever website you come across the web. It involves careful studying of metrics regarding the relevant keywords to your website niche, footprints, main topical trust flow of the site you want to contact next, and other data that will help you choose the best website to do manual outreach.

Commercial Service on Guest Posting and Manual Outreach

As the competition grows, so as the demand for a better fighting chance on the battlefield of the top three spots in the SERP. Due to the rising demand, a lot of guest posts service providers have been commercially available for those who seek assistance on this tedious job of doing guest posting and manual outreaching.

Article or Blog writing is no easy task. From the topic itself, it takes time and knowledge to craft the whole article from its header to its conclusion. Aside from that, an essential element in boosting website rankings called keyword research is very tedious. It is considered essential since it is the search query that draws results and you want your website to be the result that is being pulled out and displayed first.

So as doing Manual outreach. Another research-intensive task that involves deep analysis of available to data in order to reach websites that will surely have the worth of the value of the backlink that will be established from that 3rd party site back to yours.

These SEO solutions are some of the fundamental methods that have a sure impact on climbing the ladder of website ranking. Now that a more digitized world fast approaches us, it is clear that you as a webmaster need to increase your link building capability with better planning of guest posting and manual outreaching.

Choosing a Guest Posting Services

Now, if you are a site owner with minimal knowledge in SEO, you definitely need to seek the advice and services of commercial Guest Posting Services. However, there are lots of service providers to choose from so you want to know who would be the best folks to get service from.

Here are some factors you want to look for on the service provider you want to seek assistance on boosting your website ranking through guest posting and manual outreach.

  • Guest Posting on sites with high Domain Authority

    Sites with a domain authority score of 50+ and above are a great place to do a guest posting. The domain authority score is given by the search engine algorithm to the site that has the most reliable information on it. This means that the site the service provider is guest posting on a domain that is reputable does, if this reputable site backlinks to you, this will suggest the search engine that your website too is a reliable source of information.

  • Doing Guest Posts on Business, Magazine, Reputable News Outlet

    Having a backlink from a legit business website, or official magazine website, or on a news and public affairs outlet is an ultimate bragging right for your website to hail. Not only that, but the search engine itself will place your site on a better SERP position because you are pointed by these major publications.

    A lot of paper publications from the past have already migrated to digital content which is on the web so check out if the guest posting service publishes on these kinds of sites because this will surely give a great impact on your citation flow and trust flow that leads to a better domain authority score.

  • Targets Niche Sites

    As the saying Birds with the same feather, flocks together, having backlinks from websites of the same niche, will help your website climb the SERP rankings and will also have a boost on your online geographical presence. If the guest posting service does publish on a niche site, you can consider choosing them.

  • Value of Price

    Since everyone is engaging in a commercial market, everyone wants to earn profits. Always go for the guest posting service providers that give great value to the prices they have. This means they have great resources, good reviews, wide spectra networks, and a very engaging article writing that will put your site on a good light.

Recap and Recommendation

We have just understood how website algorithm works and why we are using a bunch of SEO techniques especially employing guest posting and manual outreaching. It is always our goal to hit the top three spots in the search engine results page because much of the organic traffic is gained by sites that land there.

If you are a webmaster and content writer doing SEO campaigns for your sites, you might want to do your guest posting on stated places in the section above. For those who seek the help of commercial SEO services, always check if they have the factors in the section above. Invest well in the foundations of your website SEO.