So you want to build yourself a brand new PBN or the Private Blog Network, right? Not sure how do they work or if they work at all? But the truth of the matter is, they work goddamn well provided you have nailed the know-how in the correct way, without getting a backlash from the anti-PBN leaders. PBNs are nothing new, but offer a whole lot of new strategies that can take your game to the next level.

The trick lies in playing safe.

However, if you are still scratching your head with those manicured nails, the term PBN refers to a group of peer websites owned by you or someone else to pass authority to build links. It can hold a gazillion of websites in its cluster, all connected to one another or to one parent profit making portal.

Sounds familiar now? Let’s discuss it.

So what is exactly a PBN:

Did anyone tell you that a free domain usually enjoys less power compared to the self hosting domains. But, It’s true and it’s generally the former ones that happen to form the PBN clan. Not just that, a PBN also happens to consist of the aged and inactive portals that are scrapped though the virtual network for SEO advantages.

Well, in fact, if you go back a little, each of the PBN domains was once an active site possessed by a domain owner who at some point chose to let go his domain registration making it available to public. In fact, anyone can purchase this expired domain ones its registration is expired. And this is exactly where today’s PBN sites play their trump cards to win. To tell you the actual truth, a PBN is a network created from these expired websites only.

With that said, there are many downsides and controversies already reported against these PBNs.

Is PBN a real-life black hat-trick?

Interestingly enough, Google is topping the list as a mascot in fighting PBN website spamming. It has also decided to de-index all the spamming links from the linked networks. Why? As per google, a PBN is a network of sites each of which aims to manipulate an SEO ranking down. Does it remind you of link wheel or link pyramid? Possibly yes.

Looks like, popular columnist Kevin Rowe tries to alert everyone against the bad side of PBN hosting as he talks about the J.C. Penny link schemes exposed back in 2011,

He also points at the PBN sites saying they are an absolutely worthless link spam technology and can incur you a loss in search engine rankings leading to even a penalty.

Alert, all the black hat debonair!

What makes PBN still a powerful hack?

Now this might possibly be the million dollar question. Google might be active enough detecting hundreds, if not thousand, artificial networks and link placements, but the advantage that a PBN site brings against all the uptime issues are simply worth a mention.

Don’t know what is uptime? Here’s a quick look inside.

Every online business needs to be constantly up with a high website uptime for driving passive traffic and leads to their business sites. But keeping a track on your portal’s functionality is no easy game. Nor is it easy to manually monitor websites to check the uptime statistics and rates round the clock.

And all hosting services are also not reliable in this case.

This is where PBN rockets up the list of website owners who wants to take full control of their domain’s content and links using the smart backlink technology.

How backlink works for a PBN?

If the above term sounds unfamiliar, worry not. A backlink is no rocket science code, but a hyperlink, the best kept secret of the PBN’s successful saga. This kind of links, coming from an external site, connect directly to your website giving you an excellent SEO ranking opportunity by directly communicating with the search engines.

These links can instantly make your site trustworthy to the SEOs.

Does it now make enough sense why PBN link building plays a staple role in your SEO ranking?

So, can a PBN shoot up your SEO ranking?

Yes, it can. More so, because, any expired website transmits more SEO ranking opportunities than the regular ones as their link juice allows you to directly connect to a bunch of links without hurting your wallet. In simple words, domains like these are a powerhouse of authority than those, brand new.

Hence, a PBN that uses these expired domains, allow you a hassle free control and alteration of your domain niche. What’s more, you can even tailor your content’s a hyperlink anchor text, one click. No wonder, why so many SEO maestros prefer a PBN today to make dollars in no time.

Having said that, the numbers of unused websites that actually link with the PBN domains is only a hand few.

Wonder why?

It’s because the rest of the expired domains come with relatively high power for bullying the internet. Hence, with no value.

PBN- Good and the Bad sides:

If all the internet hullabaloo forced you to think PBNs as pure scams, the fact is, they are entirely not. Beside all the scams, they offer a host of legitimate advantages for both the startups and the pros online.

Here are the advantages and the disadvantages in a row. So, just take a read.


1> Getting a new PBN takes no time

2> There are zillions of powerful domains available under its shell

3> You don’t pay any extra fee other than the registration fee

4> A PBN brings you already existing content right under your nose

5> You can resell these contents and increase bank balance

6> You can also rebuild a portal full of original contents saving all the extra costs

7> Running a domain like this does not speed knock your internet speed

8> Some portals offer PBN tutorials with excellent support


1> When it comes to ranking in the SEO, a PBN site can disappoint you by taking a long time

2> Search engines like Google can completely send your business for a toss once they catch you red handed with PBN sites

3> Some PBN sites are notorious for spamming and misleading the internet. So you might have to work hard to keep them at bay.

In a nutshell, a PBN portal is not completely a black-hat SEO trick, but not a white one either. You can rather call it a get-rich-quick tactic that promises to fetch you a quick ranking, brand appearance and volumes of revenue, but all with some sheer risk factors. After all, every good thing has some obvious flip side too. However, considering the SEO aspect of a PBN, you might consider making a big fortune in domain brokering. But let Google not find you.