Package Best Practices

1) Anchor Text

Be careful with your anchor text choice.

If you are targetting a "blank" URL, which is an URL without any backlink profile DON'T use many keyword rich anchor texts otherwise you'll over-optimize.

Same with URL that already has many keyword rich anchor texts. You will face over-optimiation too.

2) Link Spreading

Do not spread links too thin.

In most cases, the keyword is more dificult than you assumed during research. Pointing just 1-2 links to your target URL will most likely NOT be enough to get good results.

3) Whole Package To Single URL

In 90% of cases it is simply best to point all backlinks to a single URL, targetting a single keyword.

4) Realistic Expectations

Have sense.

You will not rank for garcinia cambogia or forex with a single link. Not even 10 or 20.

T-Ranks is quite a strong PBN but these keywords and similar are beyond it.

Do your due diligence and find out what brough your competitors top rankings. Then mimic it.

What does fall into this category?

- Most of the one or two words keyword phrases.
- Keywords with high search volume (20k+)
- Keywords dominated by WikiPedia, Forbes and other huge authority sites.

5) On-Page

On-page SEO is just as important as off-page (links).

If your page is not properly optimzied your results will naturally be lower than the properly optimized one.

On-page can be easily fixed since you have full control over it.

6) Health

Does your website have a penalty? If so, you won't make it any better by throwing more links at it.