Last updated: 25 March 2019

  • q-icon1. How does it work?

    This is what happens once we receive your order:

    1. From our portfolio of sites (currently around 300) we pick the ones with the lowest OBL (outbound links) so you receive maximum power. Max OBL on T-Ranks sites is 19.

    2. We write, format and optimize posts containing you links.

    3. We publish your links on our network.

  • q-icon2. What about content relevance?

    We always re-create websites in their original theme so their links stay live for longer, to improve security and to take advantage of the traffic domain already has (and even grow it overtime). Therefore, content surrounding your links is 80-90% relevant to the PBN website. We make sure your anchor text is nicely blended in. For example: let’s say you order 1 link, your keyword is “dog treatment” and we only have lawyer site available at the moment. We will create article on the topic “Poor Dog Treatment Brought Them To Court”.

  • q-icon3. Do you provide any reports?

    No. It’s very important to keep our network private in order to maximize the results. As we are dealing with a number of different clients, discretion is key as well as the fact that we are running a private blog network. So we are not able to disclose any of the sites on our network.

  • q-icon4. What is the TAT (Turn Around Time)?

    Depends on the package. We drip feed approximately 1 link per day. So for example for Raptor it would be 3-4 days while for Rex 7-8.

  • q-icon5. How many URLs and anchor texts can I use?

    You can use new set of target URLs and keywords every 2 payment cycles (once every 2 months). That’s why the # of links is mentioned as unlimited.

  • q-icon6. When can I expect to see rank improvement?

    First ranks improvements usually occur withing 7-30 days. However, keyword competition, sandbox and healthiness of your website takes huge role in this.

  • q-icon7. What is not accepted?

    We will not link to sites with this content on them: adult, hazard, warez, terrorism, hate, racism, downloads. Full list can be found here: https://t-ranks.com/pricing/

  • q-icon8. Do you accept foreign languages?

    Yes, foreign (non-english) languages are accepted.

  • q-icon9. What is your refund policy?

    a) There is no refund for the first month.

    b) We no longer offer results based refunds. There is just too many variables and search engines are constantly releasing new updates.

    c) You are entitled to a full refund of the last charge if you contact us within 3 days since the charge date.