Last updated: 13 December 2023

  • q-icon1. What is T-RANKS?

    T-RANKS is a backlink providing service.

    We deal in PBN links, guest posts and educational backlinks.

  • q-icon2. Do I get new backlinks every month?

    T-RANKS is a rental based service. This means the number of backlinks you buy (rent) is set and does not increase every month. This applies to Base, Honos, Salus, Daiss and Tech sub-services.

    T-POST, T-EDIT and T-EDU backlinks are one time payment.

  • q-icon3. I found your PBN in search console (WMT) but links are removed! Why?!

    Links are not removed.

    We are using sophisticated technology to hide links from regular visitors. Only search engines can see them.

    This is to protect both our network and your money site(s).

  • q-icon4. Why am I being charged already? My package just went live, not all links have been live for 30 days.

    First cycle payment is for: initial link placement, content writing, assistance with selection of anchor text, link spread and keywords.

    Future payment cycles are for rental. Second cycle starts in 30 days or when the last link goes live.

    If the link drip feed rate goes over 30 days, we will move the billing date. The 2nd charge will come only once all your links are live.

  • q-icon4. How does it work?

    This is what happens once we receive your order:

    1. From our portfolio of sites (currently around 1000) we pick the ones with the lowest OBL (outbound links) so you receive maximum power.

    2. We write, format and optimize posts containing you links.

    3. We publish posts containing your links on our network.

  • q-icon5. What about content relevance?

    We always re-create websites in their original theme so their links stay live for longer, to improve security and to take advantage of the traffic domain already has (and even grow it overtime).

    Base T-RANKS: Your links will come from multiple topical flows.

    We make sure your anchor text is nicely blended in.

    EXAMPLE: Let’s say your keyword is “dog treatment” and we only have law units available at the moment. We will mix topic of our unit with your money site and come up with articles like:  “Poor Dog Treatment Brought Them To Court”.

    For Daiss, Honos and Salus the content will be laser targeted.

  • q-icon6. Do you provide any reports?

    No. Integrity of our network is our #1 priority and therefore our domains are never revealed. You can see their effect by using SERP trackers.

    Upon request, we can provide screenshot of placements. They will look like this: https://i.imgur.com/247Ceae.jpg

  • q-icon7. What is the TAT (Turn Around Time)?

    Depends on your choice.

    You can choose between from 1 link every 3 days all the way up to 3 links per day by default.

    Custom rate is an option too, simply contact us after placing your order.

  • q-icon8. How many URLs and anchor texts can I use?

    You have complete control over your links.

    Each link can target a unique URL and therefore use unique anchor text.

    We don’t suggest splitting your package too much though.

  • q-icon9. When can I expect to see rank improvement?

    First rank improvements usually occur around 3rd week after your package goes live.

    Then it’s usually followed by multiple other rank improvements in the next months.

  • q-icon10. What is not accepted?

    HAZARD / GAMBLING – use Daiss for that
    WAREZ (including game hacks/cheats)
    FREE (anything)
    FINANCE (crypto, loans, make money online) – use Honos for that

  • q-icon11. Do you accept foreign languages?

    Yes, foreign (aka non-english) websites are accepted. Niche is more important. It has to be allowed.

  • q-icon12. What is your refund policy?

    a) There is no refund for the first month.

    b) We no longer offer results based refunds. There is just too many variables and search engines are constantly releasing new updates.

    c) You are entitled to a full refund of the last charge if you contact us within 3 days since the charge date.

  • q-icon13. Do you need content from me?

    No, our team of writers will write the content.

  • q-icon14. Can I provide my own content?


  • q-icon15. Is there a guarantee?

    Yes. We guarantee that your links will be placed on our network. If we fail to deliver for any reason, you are entitled to a full refund.

  • q-icon16. Why is the fee monthly and not one time like with most of other services?

    Because you pay for homepage placement and long-term rankings. Not one-time boost. With other services your links will roll off the homepage fairly quickly and lose all their power. Not to mention on-going costs like hosting or fresh content.

  • q-icon17. What type of website is this service for?

    T-RANKS is best used for long-term projects. For example, local clients, services you own or affiliate websites.

  • q-icon18. How many links should I buy?

    That heavily depends on your keyword competition. Generally speaking, for harder keywords, choose bigger package.

    Contact us and let us know about your specific case.

  • q-icon19. What anchor texts should I use?

    That is very individual and changes with each keyword. Generally speaking, T-RANKS was designed for keyword rich anchor texts to bring relevancy + power.

    We can assist with anchor text choice.

    Contact us after placing an order.

  • q-icon20. Can I rank with T-RANKS alone?

    T-RANKS is best used in addition with other link types. You will get better results using T-RANKS along other quality link types like guest posts or niche edits.

  • q-icon21. Is there any one time payment option?

    No, but we have 3, 6 and 12 months packages.

    Contact us for more info.

  • q-icon22. How long do links stay on the homepage?

    For as long as you are subscribed.

  • q-icon23. What is the maximum OBL

    Base T-RANKS : 20
    Honos: 15
    Daiss: 15
    Salus: 15

  • q-icon24. When I cancel, will the links get removed or just move to inner page?

    Your links will get removed.

  • q-icon25. My links will take long time to get published, can I move the billing date?

    Yes, if the links publication date goes over the regular 30 day billing period the billing date can be moved.


    You ordered 20 links (Basil) and set drip feed rate of 1 link every 2 days. It means completion will take 40 days.

    Billing date can then be moved by 10 days. Next time you are charged all your links will be live.

  • q-icon26. Can I change / update anchor text and target URL?

    Yes, you can change contents of your package every 2 billing cycles, in other words every 2 months.