Your Have Backlinks
Now Improve Your On-page Too!

On-page SEO is more important than backlinks in my opinion. Anyone can just buy what ever backlink they want these days. However, on-page mastery is a real art. T-AUDIT takes care of that.

Johnathan Drew
Johnathan Drew

Importance of On-Page SEO

You got powerful PBN links. Good.

But what about your on-page optimization?

Many people consider on-page SEO to be a "retarded" little brother of the off-page SEO (backlinks).

Nothing could be further from the truth!

On-page SEO is just as important (if not more) as backlinks.

Introducing... T-AUDIT

I got my add-on audit with Basil package. After applying the tips, I think it had greater impact than links lol.

Bill Hratski
Bill Hratski

What is T-AUDIT?

T-AUDIT is an actionable, SEO audit focusing on on-page elements of your page.

We do touch site-wide and off-page as well though.

It's amazing to see how few, simple tweaks to your on-page SEO can drastically increase your rankings. T-AUDIT will tell you just that.

Phill Kopp
Phill Kopp

How Can It Benefit Me?

People neglect on-page SEO all the time. Including your competitors!

By improving your optimization...

...you will have what 99% of your competitors don't!

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