private vs public blog network pros and cons

Public vs Private Blog Network

The world wide web is a huge network of interconnected pages. From this nature, search engine algorithms are programmed to rank a website’s relevance to a search query based on how strong is its network. This gave birth to a network of blog sites intended for the sole purpose of ranking a website. Let’s dig…

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How to recognize a website is part of PBN?

In the SEO world, we can establish the saying that “sites of a private blog network flocks within the same WHOIS information“. But if the PBN is the owner is clever, how could we spot a PBN site? How can you tell if a site is PBN? Currently, the number of web pages live on…

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Is PBN Safe for SEO? PBN Risks & How To Avoid Them

Private blog networks offer high rewards to those who are willing to stake with higher risk. While this is a truth every webmaster has to accept, is there a way to avoid these risks? Let’s find out. Is PBN Safe for SEO PBNs or Private blog networks are considered to be a black hat SEO…

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Are Private Blog Network Good or Bad (whitehat vs blackhat)?

Search Engine rules are changing annually and to kick off the year for every SEOs out there, the undying question still lays bare for everyone: Are PBNs good or bad? 2022 has just begun so let’s check if these private blog networks are acceptable or not. Have you ever wondered how the website links are…

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How To Build a Strong PBN: The Ultimate Checklist

Creating your own Private Blog Network will not be an easy undertaking and you’ve got to have a building checklist for you to know how to build a PBN that is powerful to drive your money site to the top of the list. The 2021 Ultimate Checklist for a Strong PBN The opinion over PBN…

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Serious PBN Footprints & How to Fix Them

Private Blog Networks or PBN is an SEO tactic that drives organic traffic which search engine webmaster rules have considers a violation. How then could you avoid serious PBN footprints that harm your domain reputation? Serious Fixing for Serious PBN Footprints: Rooting out the Problem and Practical Solutions Every webmaster aims to get the top…

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PBN Setup Services

PBN Setup Services – How To Choose the Right One

There are numerous techniques on how webmasters take their websites to a higher ranking in the search engine results page. One of those is the usage of PBNs or private blog networks for them to boost their site rankings. Today, lots of PBN setup services have been born to help you on your journey of…

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question mark

PBNs in 2021+ … a really bad idea?!

Making money on the internet isn’t that hard. Or rather, the actual work is difficult but the concept isn’t that hard to understand. The objective is to create a website that ranks well in Google’s algorithm. The better the rank, the more traffic the website will attract, the more money you will make. The equation…

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