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There are numerous techniques on how webmasters take their websites to a higher ranking in the search engine results page. One of those is the usage of PBNs or private blog networks for them to boost their site rankings. Today, lots of PBN setup services have been born to help you on your journey of topping the SERP.

How do we pick the right PBN Setup Service

To begin, it is important that we understand the mechanics of how does PBN works and how does it impact your website ranking and its authoritativeness.

PBNs are made up of multiple domains that are owned by one person or agency. Its purpose is to be hidden and create backlinks for your main money site. These domains are set up, blog contents are put into it, and these websites are linked forward to your main money site, thus a private blog network.

Around 2013-2015, webmasters found out this practice revs up site ranking when this network of private blogs are being crawled by search engine spiders. Contents were not so intricate before and oftentimes, contents were just spun. The technique flourished and delivered great results until search engines penalized this spammy practice.

With new SEO regulations, webmasters have made their PBNs a lot better. This technique gained prominence to many which also ramps up the competition. That is why they’ve invested more in quality content, designing the site with cool themes, more or less, these private blogs have looked as if it is a money site.

Traits of an excellent PBN Setup

There’s a lot of PBN set up service providers out there doing all these new and improved tactics, but how do we choose the right one? While every service providers have their own edge to boast, we will know the right one on how they set up a PBN website unit. Here are some traits of an excellent PBN unit website.

    Excellent Expired Domains and Hosting Service

    Setting up an excellent PBN unit website starts with an expired domain that has a good DR/DA rating on it that is also coupled with a good amount of backlinks to it. You want to utilize the former traffic and make use of its metrics to give a boost to your website. Advanced domain name search tools are available online can help you find an excellent expired domain name.

    Once you have your domain name, you need a reliable hosting service. You need to get your private blog networks a server that has no downtime, file transfer and can host your sites on a dedicated server with a different IP Address class especially when your PBN uses quite a lot of expired domains.

    Unique Website Layout

    Always see to it that your PBN website units are using unique themes and site layouts and never make any of them identical. Usage of a unique logo for each site is a plus and putting sidebar on your layout would also help. There are lots of themes that you can tweak especially on WordPress.

    Quality Content

    Search engines have already penalized content spinning because of its spammy nature. Avoid this. Also, it would be a great plus if your articles are maximizing the use of relevant keywords and the way they are written is SEO-friendly. A great boost to your DR/DA score.

    Smart Use of Plugins

    Your PBN site should avoid 404s and make smart use of 301 redirects. There are lots of plugins that can help your sites run around these codes. You also want to consider using anti-spam plugins, XML sitemaps, good use of contact forms, social media sharing plugins to further enhance your PBN unit website.

Our Recommendation

Always check for those factors stated above when you are finding for the right PBN setup service provider. You can always check for reviews about them and compare them so that you’ll get the best to assist you in your SEO campaigns.

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