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The ONLY Type Of Link Search Engines Cannot Ignore!

Backlinks from trusted and highly valued Universities.

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What Are .EDU (educational) Links?

.edu backlinks come from Universities, schools or libraries.

Universities are not your everyday source of backlinks.

You cannot simply sign up and start spamming them with content.

Why Are T-EDU Links So Great?

Hard to Get

These links are hard to get. Plain and simple.

You need to have access to University websites and trust me, they don't just hand it out to anybody.

This means your website will be getting highly valued and powerful links that will make you stand out from competitors.

Trusted by Search Engines

University backlinks are highly valued and trusted by all major search engines.

Blog post from an University blog is one of the most valuable backlinks you can acquire for your website.

Not Cheap

You probably heard of "cheap" ways to get edu backlinks like blog comments.

T-EDU links are not like that!

Our links come from blogs hosted and approved by the Universities themselves.

It's one of the most valuable links you can get.

Authority Boost

Lack of trust and authority are two of the most common reasons websites get "stuck" in search results.

If you've ever had you website on 2nd page for weeks or even months, you know what we're talking about.

T-EDU links carry with them tremendous trust and they might just be what you need to move to 1st page.


To get these links is super tricky!

Fortunately, we get them for you and you don't have to lift a finger.

All we need is little details about your links and after that it's hands free for you until final report.

Research, article writing and everything else is included in the service.

How To Use The Service?

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    Pick the T-EDU links you want.

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    Submit details.

    We'll ask you submit anchor text and target URL for each link.

  • 3

    Wait for report

    After you submit your details all that's left is to wait for an email from us with your backlink(s).


Pricing starts at $99 per backlink.

adult, pharma, drugs and any unethical niche.
Please, contact us before order if you are unsure.

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Lin Wang

Edu links are a great source of power and trust. And I just found a new awesome vendor to get them from ^^.

Lin Wang
Jeffrey Thomas

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a review copy of T-EDUs. DA and DR went up nicely!

Jeffrey Thomas


  • Q.How To Order?

    A.Click here to visit shop, chose your links and go through Checkout.

  • Q.Is there a gurantee?


    If we fail to deliver, you are entitled to a full refund.

  • Q.What is the refund policy?

    A.This is a personalized service and non refundable unless we fail to deliver within the advertised turn-around time. You agree to this by proceeding to place the order.

  • Q.What details will you need from me?

    A.Anchor text and target URL for each link you ordered.

  • Q.Do you want content from me?

    A.No, we have our own team of writers.

  • Q.Do you guarantee rank increase?

    A.No. T-RANKS is not a ranking service, merely a provider of backlinks.

  • Q.What is the TAT (turn around time)?

    A.TAT is 21 days.

    We will let you know if there is a delay.

  • Q.Any prohibited niches?


    Gambling, adult and gaming. Anything unethical as well. Contact us if you are not sure.

  • Q.What about anchor text?

    A.You cannot use:
    branded, URL, location and explicit ones.

  • Q.What about target URL/page?

    A.Target URL should be an inner page. Homepages have a harder time getting approved.

  • Q.How many links total are there in the article?

    A.There may be 3-4 links total.

    This is a real publication and we must sometimes link to authority websites to provide references.