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Make Your Website Mobile Friendly To Improve SEO

Sharing content from desktop to mobile needs a mobile-friendly design. Without it, there’s a possibility that links shared from social media, images, and certain contents from a website would be cut off. What Is Mobile Friendliness? A mobile friendliness means your website is optimized for both mobile and desktop users while usually mobile users come…

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HTTP Status Codes and SEO: Explanation & Fixing Issues

What Are HTTP Status Codes? An HTTP status code is a 3-digit number transmitted at the end of each web page request by an HTTP server to indicate the result of the request. It can be understood as a response to the client and has a numerical value assigned to it. The common type of…

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Redirects Guide For SEO: Let The Link Juice Flow!

Optimization for search engines, or SEO, is a term used frequently these days. In the world of hypertext transfer protocols, redirection is the process of sending traffic from one URL to another. When you redirect a page, you normally change its URL to something else. Redirecting a page is a straightforward process that is performed…

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