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PBN links vs Niche Edits

Link-building strategies are an essential part of SEO and two of the strategies being employed by many specialists are the use of PBN links and Niche edits. But, what are these, how do they work, and what impact does it have on your site rankings? Let’s find out. What are PBN Links? PBN links are…

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PBN Links vs Web 2.0s – Which Ones To Choose?

Web 2.0 is still in its infancy in terms of application to SEO compared to Private Blog Networks that have been around for quite some time. However, as web 2.0 platforms like social media take over a huge chunk of online traffic, many webmasters are starting to tap the potential of this option. Today, we’ll…

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PBN links vs Guest Posts: Which One Is Better For SEO?

“Your network is your net worth” and surely, this saying applies to websites as backlinks build the network, and authority comes from quality backlinks pointing to your site. PBN links and Guest Posts are some of the several ways on building your backlink network that we are going to examine. What is a PBN? A…

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How To Build PBN Links That Work

Private Blog Networks promise a quick way to rank your site as you capitalize on the value of the links it can provide but how do you build a PBN link that works? How To Build PBN Links In A Nutshell PBN link building begins with buying expired domains with high authority. A network of…

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How Many PBN Links Do You Actually Need To Rank?

PBNs have become very appealing to many webmasters as it offers one of the important factors that boost website rankings and that is Backlinks. But, how many backlinks from private blog networks should a website have to rank in SERP? How many links from Private vs Public Blog Network? The number of PBN links required…

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How To Hide PBN Links From Unwanted Eyes

The use of private blog networks is considered a black hat technique by the Google Webspam team and thus, websites caught getting link juices from these get penalized. However, the promising value it can add toward ranking your website is enticing enough that SEO geeks have found ways to go utilize the loopholes of search…

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PBN Link Juice: Everything You Need To Know

The web was and is made to be interconnected and so as websites are linked to one another. Building a private blog network lies on this very essence of how and why the world wide web was made and building your PBN to strengthen your main money site requires a bunch of web links to…

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PBN Anchor Text Selection: A Complete Guide

We’ve got a million, if not a billion, of competitors on landing in the top spot of the SERP and everyone is climbing the ladder in such an aggressive fashion. As the saying goes, “keyword is the king”, and yes it is and they are in the form of anchor text where the success of…

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