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PBN links vs Niche Edits

Link-building strategies are an essential part of SEO and two of the strategies being employed by many specialists are the use of PBN links and Niche edits.

But, what are these, how do they work, and what impact does it have on your site rankings? Let’s find out.

What are PBN Links?

PBN links are backlinks coming from Public or Private Blog Networks, a group of blog networks owned or managed by a single entity or individual.

These PBNs are essentially link farms using old or expired domains of good authority scores and built back to life.

PBN service providers make use of the historical value of these old domains to serve as their link juice.

The linking of the domains within the PBN makes link juice flow to the money site which helps improve its ranking in SERP.

What Are Niche Edits (or Link Insertions)?

Niche Edits, also known as Link Insertion is a technique used by webmasters where they request their links to be added to an already existing blog post.

But of course, relevance is the main key aspect of this approach. So how is this a valuable technique to use?

Search engine algorithms are capable of analyzing articles on whether the content is relevant or has depth.

This is where the value comes from as all website owners need to keep their blog posts relevant and contextual to their niche to maintain their rankings.

Outreach for Niche Edits vs Buying Them

Two ways that you can acquire link insertion is either you do outreach or you buy it from a vendor. How do they differ?

Doing outreach niche edits gives you control over which site you are going to request niche edits from.

The common approach webmasters do is to exchange link insertions with their target domain.

On the other hand, buying them will save you the hassle of looking at which sites to barter link insertion with and also saves you time waiting for the target domain owner to respond.

The risk is that you have no guarantee of safety since it will be the vendor who’s going to choose where your backlinks are placed.

PBN link vs Niche Edit Link

Now, another option that many SEO specialists are going for is PBN links.

The difference between these backlink strategies can be seen in where they get their authority scores.

PBNs are dependent on the historical domain authority/page authority of old or expired domains.

It should be noted that domains within a private blog network are not easily found in the SERP so its authority value no longer changes

While niche edit links are dependent on an active authority score since you are dealing with surface websites that have actual visitors.

To put it simply, PBN link juice has static value while niche edit links have dynamic value.

Anchor Text of PBN Link vs Niche Edit

PBN links and Niche edit links share the same principle when it comes to anchor text.

Knowing what are the best anchor text in SEO starts with an effective keyword research.

The difference between the two is the level of difficulty in choosing which anchor texts to use.

Whether you go for vendors or build your own PBN, you have greater control over choosing your anchor texts for your links.

While in niche edit links, you are limited to which keywords are available on your target article where you want your links inserted.

Both link types are great for aggressive and keyword-rich anchor text since these links are the most powerful you can get.

Difficulty of Obtaining & Scalability

Whether you’re going for a PBN link or a link insertion, obtaining and scaling will be challenging.

As a webmaster, it is important that you understand these challenges to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of your SEO strategy.

Let’s take a look at what difficulties you might encounter.

PBN Link

Obtaining a PBN link can be done in two ways. One is by building your own blog network. Another is by buying them.

Getting PBN links through building you own blog network entails the following difficulties:

  • Managing Different Hosting Servers
  • Cost of Building PBN
  • Ensuring the Security of your PBN

If you happen to upscale the size of your PBN, the cost will be your primary consideration.

Buying links will take you away from these challenges.

However, finding service providers that have healthy links and guaranteed safety is quite difficult.

It will also be difficult for you to scale your PBN link needs if you’re just buying it from service providers.

Niche Edit Links

Having a connection to website owners of your same niche is itself difficult since you are technically competing over the same keywords.

This difficulty also has a direct impact on scaling your niche edit link needs.

Risks & Benefits

As a search engine optimizer. you should bear in mind both the risks and benefits of the SEO strategies you are to implement.

Both PBN links and niche edit links have their fair share of these. Let’s take a look.

PBN Link

PBN links are a powerful option for a faster boost on your website ranking.

However, PBN footprints are risks that you should never overlook as this could get your website penalized.

Niche Edit Links

If you’re not in a hurry, niche edit links are great for a long-term link-building strategy.

This is a pretty safe way to get backlinks as you are reaching out to established active domains.

However, the risk of these active domains getting hacked or going spammy in the future is something that you might also be mindful of.


Getting healthy backlinks for your website is the key to a successful link-building strategy.

Both PBN links and Niche Edit links are great options and learning these will help you maximize which one to choose and when.

The knowledge you now have on the risks, benefits, and difficulties that they both entail will guide you in deciding which option will be cost-efficient for your current needs.

These are fundamental information that makes T-RANKS stand out amongst other PBN service providers in the aspect of driving success.

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