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Diggity Links Review

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It’s time for a competitor review.

Backlinks are the backbone of SEO. Some people will attempt to deny that claim but it is true.

And because backlinks are so important, Public Blog Networks have grown in popularity.

A PBN is, as its name suggests, a network of authoritative websites. People use PBNs to build links to those websites they wish to rank.

But it is a very tricky concept to execute, which is why success stories like Diggity Links are so rare.

Even though all the websites in a PBN are part of a network, they have to look like they are not related in any way.

Otherwise, they could be flagged as artificial links, attracting a whole host of negative consequences.

People look at the success Diggity has attracted over the years and they forget that Google frowns upon the work they do.

In fact, they have attempted to extinguish the concept on a number of occasions.

Of course, such a reaction is concrete proof than buying links actually works. Otherwise, Google wouldn’t be working so hard to dissuade people from using such services.

That being said, it pays to apply caution when buying links because Google won’t hesitate to penalize you if it even suspects that you might be flouting its rules.

In most cases, you are better off buying guest post links rather than PBN links because they are not associated with as many risks.

And even if you have set your heart on PBN links, you need to carefully vet your sources.

Diggity Links: The Perfect Resource for Renting PBN Links

The problem with many sellers of links is that they lie. No one wants to admit that their links are not quite as authoritative as they promised.

Most sellers look at the SEO arena as a source of quick money.

Diggity Links stands on the reputation of its founder. They make it easier and cost effective to rent links.

And even though the monthly fees tend to add up over time, the eventual financial reward is more than worth it.

What Can You Expect?

Diggity Links was sold to Rank Club and renamed to The Link Service.

However, their services, which you can find by searching for he Link Service’, remain unchanged. The same goes for their benefits, which include the following:

  • 1). The links provided are completely natural. The Link Service only stocks authoritative domains whose integrity can easily stand up to Google’s scrutiny.
  • 2). The service takes pride in its own legitimacy. It has a solid foundation whose reputation consumers can leverage to boost the rankings of their websites. And to maintain that legitimacy, they carefully vet every client they encounter. They simply refuse to work with websites that experiment with risky SEO techniques. In doing so, they ensure that the poor practices of a few ignorant seeds do not corrupt the work they do for the masses.
  • 3). Diggity Link was started by Matt Diggity. However, you do not have to worry that the future of your site lies solely in the hands of this innovative individual. Rank Club has a competent team of R&D experts whose job it is to maintain the quality of the services provided.
  • 4). The company doesn’t stagnate. They are constantly working to innovate new ways to serve the interests of their clients.
  • 5). The success they promise doesn’t rely on luck. Rather they test every domain they bring on board to ensure that it delivers the results it promises. You can trust them to carry the weight associated with using paid links.
  • 6). They encourage diversity. They place at your fingertips a variety of domain metrics and niches that you can use in your efforts to locate an appropriate link.
  • 7). Every service on offer is consumer-focused. Every client is assigned an expert that will guide them through the process of acquiring and deploying links.
  • 8). You are guaranteed unique, hand-written content that is relevant to your niche.

No search engine has ever penalized Diggity Links for the misuse of SEO. That alone proves that they understand the internet and search engines and that they know how to safely manipulate Google’s algorithms.

What Do People Say?

The best way to measure the quality of a service delivered by a company is to consider the testimonials of it’s past and present customers.

And as many older Diggity Links Reviews will tell you, most clients have nothing but good things to say about the linking service.

Daryl Rosser of LionZeal thought that they provided an excellent service for people who needed the help but had no interest in building their own PBN.

Daryl found great success when he used them to test a new market.

Dirk Diggy of Viperchill noted that they always delivered on their promises within 48 hours. They were also budget-friendly and actually effective in their efforts to boost his rankings.

Andrew Dale of SEM Easy discouraged people from presuming that they were just another terrible source of poor backlinks that would ultimately hurt your website.

Andrew was drawn to Diggity Links by the praise other people heaped onto it and he never regretted trusting them.

The overall consensus is that the people behind The Link Service have what it takes to deliver optimal satisfaction.

Where did it Come From?

Diggity Links was created by Matt Diggity. Matt was an engineer working for a startup in Silicon Valley in the 2000s. His paychecks were healthy but the work was grueling and Matt wanted a way out.

So he began studying SEO and affiliate marketing. The moment his company was acquired, Matt got a fat paycheck and used that opportunity to start over in Chiang Mai.

He found a partner who understood SEO and, together, they created a thriving Private Blog Network from which they could sell links.

Matt believes his company changed the way people approach PBN rentals. At the height of his success, their network was among the most secure and it had a reputation for great customer service.

Eventually, Matt sold Diggity to Rank Club, but he promised his clientele that the quality of the services provided would actually increase because the people behind Rank Club had more resources on their hands.

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