Google MUM New Algorithm Preview

Google MUM: New Algorithm Preview

Multitasking is a unique quality that sets anyone apart from its competitors within the market. Google introduces a new tech called the MUM that gathers deep knowledge by understanding texts, images, and video content. Multitask Unified Model (MUM): Google’s New Tech (1,000x More Powerful Than Bert!) Prabhakar Raghavan, one of Google’s intellect, presented a brand…

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Unconfirmed May 22nd 2021 Google Search Algorithm Update

Unconfirmed: May 22nd 2021 Google Algorithm Update

On a Saturday, May 22nd, another unconfirmed Google search algorithm ranking update just dropped, stirring the whole internet up! All known tracking tools are acting strange as the Google Search reports improved dramatically, which is very unconvincing to happen at first sight. I’m talking about the reports of the core update or also known as…

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