Google July 2021 Core Update

Google July 2021 Core Update

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Google’s core algorithm update for July 2021 is now officially complete and fully rolled out. Google posted on Twitter: “the July 2021 core update rollout is now effectively complete”.

Any changes you will see in ranking will probably be the work of the new behavior of search results. Below is the announcement made by Google SearchLiason on the 13th of July:

This explains that the latest search index is now employed in all the data centers around the world, and the search results will remain reasonably stable.

If you think your rankings were not acting as they should be, or let’s just say it is affected, what you should do is immediately skip a last-minute reprieve and find out what is really happening.

What Are the Previous Core Updates

The very previous core update happened last June 2021, and that update was a little bit dragging than the July 2021 core algorithm update but a larger one.

Last December 2020 core update was also large, greater than the May 2020 core update, which is also massive and broad that actually took a couple of weeks before it began to roll out fully.

But before that was the January 2020 core update. Then we had the September 2019 core update, which according to most SEOs and web admins, that particular update is not as impactful as the previous core updates.

There was also an update in November 2019, but it was only specific to impact the local rankings.

Was the July Core Algorithm Update the reversal of the June Core Algorithm Update?

One of the current discussions wandering around the internet is whether or not the July core algorithm update is the exact reversal of the adjustments caused by the June core algorithm update.

These reversals are normal to happen in almost any update. Usually, any domain can be affected by an update and restored later when it is done rolling out or in the following update.

However, because of the correlation between the July and June core updates, it is acceptable to think that the reversal would inspire at this point.

Here’s an example. Based on the top 200 affected domains, only 15 domains during the June and July core algorithm updates shows a ranking reversal.

It appears that each update affects domains differently, as some data shows that the July core update is not a reversal of the core update last June.

To support this, Google’s Danny Sullivan said that each of these updates improved how Google works by enabling the users to get the most relevant and optimum quality results.

What to Do When Affected

Google has advised on what to do when a domain has been negatively affected by an update. There are no exact steps to do to recover since there will be no signal when something starts acting up.

Nevertheless, Google has given a list of answered FAQs that can help when you’re affected when there’s a core update. It is normal to experience changes between core updates and recover right after another core update.

About the July 2021 Core Algorithm Update

Google rarely exposes what is included in a core algorithm update. However, according to Google, the July 2020 core algorithm update is all about multiple indexing and how the new ranking works.

Two spam updates were launched before the core algorithm update for July 2021 was rolled out, which is not new for everyone.

Earlier this year, Google stated that it would be working against unwanted spam using a new anti-spam artificial intelligence (AI). This tool has a lot of anti-spam options to help finish the tasks faster and efficiently.

July 2021 Core Update Observations

The common concern people have seen in most Facebook chats and groups is that the on-page and off-page SEO strategies are working, resulting in stable rankings.

Some people also mentioned that there are low-quality links termination happening.

In the WebmasterWorld forum, people have speculated that a lot of things have changed. Although these discussions are unreliable, what people talked about actually adds up.

One thing that was mentioned is the increase of People Also Ask or (PAA) usability, a question feature designed to draw users and answers to what they want to get.

It was also mentioned that there was a decrease in ranking in images and the usual organic search engine results pages (SERPs).

Tracking Tools & Results:

On the day when the July 2021 core algorithm update was rolled out, the various search tracking tools were showing massive changes. To have a clear view, here are they showing:


SEMrush tracking tool


Algoroo tracking tool


SERPMetrics tracking tool

Advanced Web Rankings:

Advanced Web Rankings tracking tool

So take time to review your rankings and check if you got hit by the core algorithm update in a positive or negative way between July 1st and July 12th.

Wrapping Up:

Whenever Google launches a new core algorithm update, it means that any domain can be improved or harmed in the search results.

These core updates make us understand whether or not a website is performing well in the search results or Google developed something on its ranking algorithm that can affect everyone’s performance.

But one thing is for sure; it has been a rollercoaster of months from an algorithm updates viewpoint, and it is continuing. There will be a new update called the page experience update, which is still rolling out and will conclude by the end of August.

And according to my investigation, from a comprehensive core algorithm update viewpoint, the next update will be in the fall. It is still unclear when Google will be rolling out an update next, but, as a site owner, one should start working on developments sooner than later.

Remember, to see recovery, you will need to wait for another broad core update (as mentioned earlier)ā€” and that’s if you are eager to improve quality over time.

Best of luck!

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