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Market competition is now in the search engines and in the context of internet marketing, just like the webmasters say, Content is King. But how do we do effective SEO Content Marketing?

More than Just a Content: An Effective SEO Content Marketing

Better sales can be achieved by products and services if it is coupled with an amazing marketing strategy.

Of course, most of us have television sets, have listened to the radio, have seen billboards, read broadsheets, and have received promotional flyers somewhere from some products or services.

That kind of advertising is just one way of marketing their products to make a sale through people at least consider buying from them.

With the unstoppable rise of Internet Technology, the landscape of marketing has expanded to a whole new vast horizon of possibilities.

The playing field? It’s in the Search Engines. How come?

See, nowadays, pretty much everything you want to know or you want to have can just be few taps away from you.

The old style of canvassing or inquiring about the price of an item or service via window shopping is a thing of the past.

Few taps, few clicks, few buttons, and you find what you’re looking for.

That also equates that with tens and hundreds of different brands, suppliers, and stores that sell certain kinds of products, the competition is very high as everyone scrambles to get to the top of the search engine list to get a better chance of making a sale.

Knowing that competition is very high, one must be creative in implementing marketing techniques in the field.

Just like the conventional marketing of targeted approach, methods of advertising, and promotional runs, internet marketing also calls forth creative ways to at least have fair odds against your competitors.

Whilst all of the webmasters would share the same fundamentals on how to approach internet marketing, the implementations will vary depending on the creativity, skill, and most of all, effectivity.

Understanding Internet Marketing Landscape

To do effective SEO content marketing, it is necessary to understand how the playing field works and that is the Search Engines.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and yes, you are to optimize the algorithms much to your benefit.

As you attempt to saturate the market with your brand, product, and services, you are to maximize every avenue where there are people such as social media sites and applications and of course, the search engine.

Whilst in social media, you gain traction as you become trending, whether globally or locally, in search engines, your influence can be marked by being first on the search engine results page.

Being first in the SERP talks about your website being a reliable and trustworthy link towards answers to queries. How you can become on the top of the list is the way of algorithm.

Search Engine Algorithms

There are tons of search engines available such as Bing, Yahoo, DuckduckGo, but the most prominent of them all is Google. One reason why it’s Google’s Webmaster Guide that is being adhered to by many.

If not all, most of the SEO implementations are based on the Google Webmaster Guide and this guide as well as the foundation of how the Google search engine algorithm works.

The algorithm is vast so I will only discuss some items from the algorithm that are very important when it comes to SEO Content Marketing.

Search Engine Crawlers

Crawlers are the robots that look for relevant websites when a search query. These robots are programmed to follow the guidelines on search engine action, take into account all websites across the web from which the SERP is generated.

Domain Authority/Page Authority

DA/PA as commonly called in the world of SEO, this score dictates how strong is the influence of your domain or individual page based on several metrics one of which being considered are the contents.


Every domain and page on the internet someway somehow has an interconnection and that is through Backlinks going to and fro from one site to another.

Links are also the paths where crawlers walk into and these link mostly starts from anchor texts pointing to a page, one thing which you also want to look after and build smartly.

Power of Content

Factors to consider that were aforementioned above boils down to a single key element in Search Engine Optimization and that is Content.

Web crawlers are programmed to understand the contents of a domain, from its pages, posts, website design and aesthetics, relevance, name it all.

As a webmaster, you should invest well in your content as this alone is enough to make or break your whole internet marketing strategy.

T-Ranks Effective SEO GETS

GETS : An Effective SEO Content Marketing

Every SEO geeks and webmaster may vary from the level of understanding of the techniques and webmaster guidelines. But surely, all of us will share the common rules.

What will set you apart is the effective use of the technique, making the most out of even the simplest methods available.

How then can we describe effective SEO Content Marketing? Here is G.E.T.S., an easy-to-memorize acrostic that you’ll get the gist of what it is all about.


The techniques are plenty but having a divided focus will just make it difficult for you to draw your marketing gameplan that is sustainable and effective.

It is important that your content marketing strategy is Goal-Focused.

You can also blend in the S.M.A.R.T. marketing technique where your goals are set to be:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Time-bounded

With this, you know where you’re heading.


We are now in the world of the Digital Era and the attention span of the audience has never been this short and easily diverting.

Make sure that your website and pages themselves are visually engaging to the visitors. Investing in a graphic designer is a good practice if you are very serious about market saturation.

Generating greater sales comes after a brand becomes reputable and recognizable to the point of being a household name that’s why making sure your website content is visually engaging to the point of potential customers memorizing it.


What is your product? Who is your target audience? Who do you plan to add to your market demographics? Where are you located? Where do you want to sell?

One characteristic of an effective SEO Content Marketing is it is targeted.

If your product is about tires, make sure that your brand logo portrays tires. Make sure that the front page of your website conveys a powerful message about your product.

The blog posts and articles should be closely relevant, or more often than not, specific about the product.

Make sure that you are targeting your market demographics with the way that contents are written and presented.


Keeping your website content SEO-friendly is something very technical but not hard to understand.

See to it that the content you are making is adherent with the current rules. And with current, making sure that you are updated with the guidelines as it changes regularly.

If you are new to SEO, avoid risky programs that promise quick gains. You are doing content marketing and this program takes time.

SEO Content Marketing Power Tips

What are the practical applications of effective SEO Content Marketing based on our GETS rule?

Here are some power moves that you can employ toward effective search engine optimized content.

  • Guest Posting

    Creating a powerful article or blog post for other websites and domains, and yes even to your competitors, greatly helps your brand to saturate the market.

    With this, you’re not only increasing your link-building prowess, but you’re also having the chance to gain organic traffic from a totally different domain that has its own SEO programs.

  • Optimized Metadata

    Metadata is described as “data about the data”. It contains information about the website and this metadata is something not seen by the search engine users, but rather, being read by web crawlers.

    An optimized Metadata increases the domain authority and has an impact on your overall website ranking in the long run.

  • SEO-Optimized Digital Media

    Keep your images to an optimal size to avoid a long loading time that affects website scores. Place relevant keywords to your image alternative text to improve the content link juices.

  • Keyword Research

    Don’t just simply write content but carefully study what powerful keywords could boost your write-ups. This will also help you decide where to set the anchor texts from which link juices flow.

  • Social Media Crossposting

    Most people are holding their smartphone or facing their personal computers and most of their time on the internet is in the Social Media.

    Never waste this avenue so make sure that your search engine optimized articles, coupled with engaging titles and images, are also getting spread across various social media networking sites.

    A single post that will have a hit in social media and will cause even small trend traction is enough to bombard you to the top of the SERP. How much more if you have a lot of it?

Get Started being Effective

I hope you’ve learned something on today’s blog and may you be able to apply these easy-to-understand ways on how to do effective SEO Content Marketing.

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