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Digitty Marketing is not just any digital marketing agency. It’s a digital and SEO marketing agency started by Matt Digitty and provides all types of digital marketing and SEO solutions.

He had started it through his own experience in the search engine optimization space. You find loads of useful educational and service-based resources that prove helpful in improving your website’s search engine ranking and website traffic.

Who Is Matt Digitty?

Matt Digitty is today an entrepreneur and a U.S. online and affiliate marketer. An avid traveller, he’s now finally based in Chiang Mai in Thailand and has over the years built 30 affiliate sites in that many countries he had visited.

He is today the CEO and founder of Digitty Marketing but was an electrical engineer before discovering the potential of SEO and earning money online. It was work stress, which led him to look for an alternate income source, which he found in SEO.

He worked hard at his SEO career and soon started creating new techniques that garnered insane results from ranking affiliate sites. He, in fact, even earned hundreds of thousands of dollars flipping websites.

He considers it risky, holding website portfolios for the long term because so much can happen to it. Google can tank your site, or Amazon associates can ban your account.

Digitty Marketing is his way of sharing his knowledge and consulting people to help them experience the success he has seen.

Digitty Marketing Blog

The Digitty Marketing blog features a combination of case studies and information blended with everyday problems. Unlike other blogs, Matt doesn’t make things look flowery, nor does he safeguard information because someone else is reading it.

He reveals everything needed to succeed in SEO, with case studies backing it. It’s no wonder his blog stands out amongst the many other digital marketing blogs.

Digitty Marketing may include some ‘greyish’ SEO tricks, which he self admits he practices. He believes that grey SEO is a combination of black and white SEO practices, which can give incredible results.

SEO Coaching

Digitty Marketing offers one-on-one SEO coaching and teaches the same techniques Matt uses to rank his sites consistently. He coaches people of all levels, starting from SEO beginners to veterans.

The coaching sessions are held over Skype using a shared screen session to come up with actionable step-by-step SEO strategies. So instead of paying someone to do your SEO, you are trained at it.

You end up saving money and don’t have to later depend on someone else to do it for you. The coaching starts with an onsite SEO evaluation and site analysis.

Then depending on your niche and competition, Digitty Marketing comes up with an offsite game plan. Digitty Marketing is so confident of their coaching that they offer a no-questions-asked money refund satisfaction guarantee.

Digitty Marketing coaching helps you learn SEO, instead of going through the stress of learning it alone, especially after Google updates. Besides, even if your site does well today, there’s no guarantee it will also rank as well after the next Google update. However, Matt’s SEO coaching works at keeping you prepared for the next Google update.

Coaching program members know that there’s always an SEO expert around to turn to for answers when you are stuck.

It is an excellent advantage for any business. It’s mainly because whatever Matt teaches you are the very same SEO techniques and strategies, he uses to give his websites a good ranking.

Digitty Marketing not only helps you with your SEO but also improves conversions. They use Conversation Rate Optimization techniques to convert your existing traffic into money by ensuring each visitor does achievers required to convert.

The Search Initiative

Of course, if you aren’t keen on, or don’t have the time to do all your SEO marketing, then Digitty Marketing also has a partnership with The Search Initiative to take care of your SEO needs.

The Search Initiative has a team of qualified SEO experts to manage your website. They provide full-service SEO, can help with penalty removal, and provide white label solutions and onsite technical auditing.

Authority Builders

Digitty Marketing’s Authority Builders provides guests posts to help your site get backlinks from real websites. They work with bloggers and website owners in various niches and verticals at the best prices for you.

There’s a customized dashboard to use for finding posts in your preferred niche, metric, traffic, and price. All their sites are quality sites with organic traffic, which Google ranks, and likes.

The team keeps adding new sites that meet their quality standards to the list. You have to find the site you like, and Digitty Marketing writes the content and places your link where you want it.

Affiliate Lab

Digitty Marketing offers an extensive training course about making money by ranking affiliate websites. It comprises more than 100 training videos, checklists, templates, and private support group access.

You learn how to create useful, ranking content, how to build affiliate websites and link building from scratch, how to market sites, and find the right customers to sell affiliate sites for thousands of dollars.

Most importantly, the course teaches proven SEO tactics that will keep your site at the top of SERPs. So, though the course costs$1,000, it’s well worth it, considering the benefits it offers.


In short, Digitty Marketing keeps abreast of all the search algorithm updates, which is why all the tips taught through the course and blogs are so valuable.

Digitty Marketing explains the benefits of engaging content and even have resources to outsource your writing if required.

The SEO coaching it offers is worth your time and effort as you learn the latest SEO tricks for maintaining a high page ranking. And if you don’t want to do your SEO, Digitty Marketing also has a team of SEO experts to do your SEO work for you.

They work at keeping not only humans, but also the search robots happy.

Digitty Marketing also has a great course that teaches you how to build an affiliate website from scratch. Not to forget the many paid, outreach, and link insertion backlinks Digitty Marketing has in store for you. He even has a partnership with Leadspring for people with sites stuck in the rankings.

Digitty Marketing also sell links and runs PBNs through his Digitty Links enterprise which he sells to Rank Club in April 2018.

So, if you are looking for the ultimate guru in search engine optimization, Digitty Marketing is your solution!

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