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How to have power & control of a PBN… without PBN. [CASE STUDY]

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Yes, you read that right. Let me explain…

This case study revolves around the power of internal linking, site structure & silos.

We are going to use power of an entire website to push one primary page in the SERPs.

I call this… Page Supreme. (yes, I recently watched Star Wars)

It might suitable strategy for anyone on a budget or for veterans to play with.

I consider difficulty level of this strategy Intermediate+ because you must be able to acquire a strong, clean auction domain which requires skill.

Without further a due…

DISCLOSURE: I only did this 2 times so far. Both success but it’s not enough data to consider this strategy 100% fool proof.

Page Supreme – Case Study


Auction domain – $300
10 PBN links – $90 /month (optional)


Strategy is very simple. SEO 101 really.

Publish a piece of content, then build links to it.

The twist is that instead of external links, we will build internal ones.

Let’s get into details:

#1 – Get a Strong Auction Domain

I used private vendor for this but you can get a similar quality domain at TB Solutions for example.

Characteristics of picked domain:

  • category relevant (means broader relevancy than niche)
  • 100 referring domains
  • clean backlink profile
  • branded anchor text profile
  • most links going to inner pages <- most important

Here is current Ahrefs screenshot of the domain. I made it today. DR looked better when I was picking it up (before update).

ahrefs stats of picked domain for the case study

#2 – Re-create the old website

This is crucial step.

Re-create website’s old URLs and populate them with unique content. Sometimes it didn’t even make sense for the URL, I just made sure it’s related to the category of my target.

Even though old website was just a simple HTML and CSS I used WordPress.

#3 – Let it age

Once the whole thing is back to it’s former glory, let it age. Submit a sitemap and let the Google find it and re-index it all.

Then wait for 2-3 months at least. To let the re-purposing sand-box pass mostly.

I published one piece of relevant content a month to keep things fresh and create a social presence for the site. Twitter, Facebook page etc. Around 10 properties total that linked back to homepage.

#4 – Publish Page Supreme

After the wait is over, it’s time get the Supreme page up.

My Page Supreme is a product review (very surprising, I know)

I got one well written, 1000 words long, Elite level article from iWriter.

It required optimization afterwards, those writers are not SEOs mostly. I optimized it based on data from PageOptimizerPro.

#5 – Let Page Supreme age a little

Yet again, I waited a little. This is my personal preference. It probably isn’t’ required at all, it’s just something I like to do.

Simply submit sitemap, not even video sitemap, just basic XML sitemap and let the engines find the page and index it.

Two weeks in this case.

#6 – Internal linking

Now this is the key part of the case study.

We are going to build links like we would normally do but with a twist – internal links only.

Remember those old, re-created pages? We are going to use those for “linkbuilding”.

Every 4 days on average I injected link pointing to Page Supreme to one of the old, re-created pages.

I started with the homepage.

Here is anchor text break down:

  • [product name] (homepage link)
  • [product name] review
  • long-tail containing [product name]
  • naked URL
  • LSI
  • review of [product name]
  • naked URL
  • first word of the product name
  • [product name]
  • LSI
  • naked URL
  • [product name] reviews
  • second word of the product name
  • [product name]
  • review

IMPORTANT: You can be more aggressive with internal links, even more than what I did above but be careful. Keyword rich only anchors might get you into trouble.

#7 – External linking

This step is optional.

After internal linking was done and several additional weeks passed, the page was ranking between positions #13 – #8.

I wasn’t happy with this and it looked like internal links did all they could. I wanted to give it a push so I built 10 external PBN links.


Here is what the rank graph looked like:
[wp_colorbox_media url=”https://i.imgur.com/cBYsO5m.png” type=”image” hyperlink=”https://i.imgur.com/cBYsO5m.png” title=”Page Supreme rank graph” alt=”rank graph of page supreme case study”]

click on image to make it larger

Some of the old pages only had 1-3 links. Imagine the possibility if you had really strong domain with 10+ links per page and many more pages.

Maybe to some it will seem like a waste, focusing whole website on a single page. But isn’t 301 redirect the same thing? At the end of the day it’s all about your return.

Search volume isn’t very high but this is medium+ competition buyer keyword. Not to mention tons of long-tails and keyword variations it ranks for now.

Wanna bring your PBN game to a new level?

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