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Domain names are time-bounded by nameservers when you purchase. The term to which registrars are going to keep the domain under your name usually has a promo contract of 2 years and is offered at a relatively low price. After the promo run, the rates will return to normal which is around less than a hundred bucks, which depends on the nameserver brand.

What does Register Compass has to offer?

Register Compass is a webmaster tool that helps them explore the vast volume of these dropped domains. Expired domains available in the market are those that previous owners tend to just forget about even though they’ve already invested a lot on it. Webmasters dig the pile of expired to find those that are still useful for their SEO campaigns.

There are other reasons why the said are being resold in the market but first, let us dig in what these old domains are and see its value especially for website SEO.

Overview on Domain Name Servers

Your website name, with a technical jargon of “domain name”, are bought from nameservers. These nameservers house the directories of website names and to which IP Address it forwards, which points to your hosting server. Nameservers and hosting servers are two different things but usually, the two come together under a single website hosting services that offer both services and both are sold in a single package.

Domain Name Registers

These service providers are the ones who sell you the domain name of your choice, just like for example. They keep DNS records and gives you the ownership in a manner where the IP Address of the hosting server where your website files are contained is attached to that domain name.

Name registrars have invested in equipment and technology, thus, keeping the domain name for you has a cost. Meaning, buying a domain name has a cost and there is a maintenance cost to keep the domain name yours. That’s why nameservers offer promos to entice clients to buy a domain name from them.

What’s inclusive in the promo package you’ll buy? Typically, it’s a 2-year contract of the domain name, add cash for extra security and, add more for e-mail serve and their web hosting services if they happen to offer that too.

Since it came on a promotional price, you must understand that there is the regular fair market value price for these services which means, after your promo expires, maintaining the domain name for you will accrue the regular cost.

Why are there Expired Domains?

From the previous section, we got to understand how domain names are being kept. How do we know that the domain name is expired? We know that a domain is expired is when we search them on the web, it simply cannot be found by the browser, because expired domains aren’t pointed to web hosts and will be nonexistent in the web.

But how do they get expired? There are a couple of reasons why they get expired.

  • Contract Expiry – The common reason is that the old owner of the website doesn’t just simply renew the contract after the promo term has ended. There is an ample amount of difference from the promo price that has 2 years of maintenance compared to the regular annual payment which website owners are trying to avoid.
  • Business Reasons – A website that doesn’t perform well is just an operational cost for businesses and owners just tend to wave goodbye to their website. Sometimes, websites that had SEO done to it still don’t help the business to gain better sales so owners call it quits.
  • Penalized Websites – When search engines caught a website practicing black hat SEO, they get penalized. Least is getting your site traffic disregards and worst is getting your site closed down.

Expired Domains and its SEO Use

Since these website names are expired, they will be once again be offered again in the nameservers. Then, how could be these defunct domain names be of good use in the future? Since these old domain names have been live on the web for quite some time, most of them have already generated traffic, thus they have ranking and metrics on many tools such as AlexaRank, MOZ, Ahrefs, GooglePagerank, and the likes.

Webmasters are taking these expired domains and their former traffic to help boost their current money site. Using different tools, they gather the data relative to the niche of their main websites. Usually, they root it out from relevant keywords to find which expired domain names have useful traffic coming from backlinks that the old domain name has.

Here comes Register Compass to do the job for you.

Register Compass services

Register Compass: Services Runthrough

This advanced domain name search service finds those important expired domain names, expiring and those that are for auction. You can filter it out in various ways that can help you find the best expired domain that can be useful to boost up your website ranking on search engines.

Register Compass has analyzed all these expiring, expired and auction domains using lots of metric tools to get better data and relay relevant old domains for their clients.

Expiring Domains

These domains have already past the renewal due date are considered expiring domains. They sit under the name registrar, counting 45 calendar days to give the previous owner ample time to renew their domain name registration. Past these 45 days, the Redemption Grace Period will start to count and this will be a 30-calendar day count.

Renewing within this period costs a lot on the owner’s side since there are penalties for late renewal that will be accrued to it. Most likely, the previous owner will no longer renew and the grace period will end and so, within 5 days, this domain name will finally expire. Register Compass keeps watching these domain names.

Expired Domains

Also called Dropped Domains or Deleted Domains, these domain names are now available for registration just like how you buy your first domain name. No additional charges. When you buy these dropped domain names, it’s as fresh as new with no content to it, but, Register Compass will help you take advantage of the previous traffic it has generated.

Register Compass has tracked the profile of all these expired domain names and has gathered which are valuable and separated it from those that are of no value.

Auction Domains

Old domains that have a very good reputation, has an excellent amount of traffic, a good DR/DA score whose previous owner has just been given up is always a hot sale where big nameservers such as Godaddy,, and Dynadot are taking the advantage of selling it on higher price since. Since there expire domains of amazing quality are considered a treasure, they are being auctioned online.

With the help of Register Compass, you can get hold of these domain names on a fixed price, and the very opportunity to bid for those domain names since there is a lot of webmasters loathing to get those treasure.

Our Recommendation

This advanced domain search service has a good amount of data on it that can help you buy quality expired domains to help your website rank higher than it was before. The interface is user-friendly, customizable for a more personalized environment, and reporting is delivered.

Register Compass is a great source of expired domain suggestions with over 6 million on its database and is also a cheap find which is also recommended for starters. We recommend checking out their services.

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