Domain Name Value: How To Appraise a Domain

In website building, Domain Name is one of the first considerations when doing a purchase since this will be or should embody the identity of the branding you are promoting. This means that Domain Name Value is an important deciding factor on buying and selling domain names. But, how do domains get an appraisal? Measuring…

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What Are Auction Domains & How to Get Them?

Initiating a domain name auction can be a wise way to get back some of the bucks you’ve spent from a web page you no longer need or want. Nonetheless, this process will be complex if you are unfamiliar with the business of flipping websites. Luckily, right now, many online marketplaces can help you get…

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expired domains know about

Expired Domains: Everything You Need To Know

Various SEO techniques can drive website rankings, and one of them is through the proper use of Private Blog Networks or the PBN which allows you to build PBN links. Building a PBN for your website requires multiple domains and the most valuable to use are expired domains. Let’s get to know more what expired…

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